Can't add bibliography

Hi all,

I'm finishing up my MS thesis; and as I'm putting everything together, I realized that I can't add a bibliography to my document. I'm using word a Mac and when I go to Zotero, the only "bottom" I have is "add citation". The "add references" have disappeared...

How can I get it back??

  • "Add Citation" isn't an option in Zotero, and "Add References" never was. In Word 2016 and later, there's an "Add/Edit Citation" button and an "Add/Edit Bibliography" button next to that. And there were similar, separate buttons for those in Word 2011. So either you're not typing things precisely or you're looking at something other than the Zotero Word plugin.
  • I don't know how to attach a screenshot here, but I do only have "Add Citation"...
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    Maybe because my word version is in French..?
  • You can upload a screenshot to Dropbox,, or similar and share a link here.
  • Is that working?
  • OK, so that's the old script menu. Is this Word 2008 or 2011? While there should be a bunch of other options in that menu, if this is Word 2011 there should also be a floating toolbar that appears somewhere. Check View → Toolbars → Zotero Bibliographic Management.

    Reinstalling the Word plugin from the Cite pane of the Zotero preferences may restore the options in the script menu.
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