Citation mapping / network map of Zotero library

edited 5 days ago
For those interested in creating a cross-citation map based on your Zotero library - there's a useful program here developed by jaks6:

It outputs 2 csv files of nodes and edges needed to then build the figure in Gephi. See image via the link about for what the Gephi output is.

It doesn't require the 'related' function in Zotero. Instead it mines your references for cross citations to produce a network map of references in you library, it shows which papers reference each other and how often.

You will need to install/run in python 2.7, install pdfminer, and load open the outputs in Gephi (I haven't tried the outputs in VosViewer yet but that's next on the cards).

This was based on a r script which is also linked on the github page if you'd rather use R. I had been looking for something like this for a long time so very happy this has been pulled together.
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