Open Journal Systems translator journal abbreviations [Fixed]

edited September 8, 2019
Quite a few of the Open Journal Systems journals regularly place the numeral 1 in the journal abbreviation field and this is downloaded to Zotero. This is really inconvenient. If there could be a test for this, and if 1 is present, please remove the incorrect and unfortunate error from the Zotero abbreviation field.

  • Are these journals, which do this, from the same institution? Then it might be better to ask them for a fix directly. However, we can also fix this in the translator, which is easy enough. The journal abbreviation can never be 1 and therefore we can delete this whenever it appears.
  • Thank you. The journals are not from a single institution. The problem exists with several journals. I've already written to a journal editor or two about this and I found the problem was corrected. However, I an encountering the problem with new-to-me journals and a few that I never corresponded with. Fixing this in the translator, if the effort isn't too taxing, would be really helpful.
  • Okay, good to know. The translator fix is easy to do. Hopefully, I can finish that soon.
  • If it might be helpful, here is another journal with the abbreviation=1 problem.
  • Should be fixed now and come with the next update of your translators.
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