Cannot See Window Contents with High DPI/PPI Monitor

Report ID 382251969

This is related to, but I think distinct from .

I'm having a related issue with a high resolution display where not all text may be visible in a window. This is on Windows 10 with two monitors with resolutions of 3840x2160; one monitor is the laptop display and it has 300% scaling while the external monitor is larger and it has 150% scaling (see for how to adjust scaling).

The issue appears to be intermittent; my guess is that it may be affected by opening Zotero on one display and moving it to the other while using the software.

Just now, I opened Zotero on the monitor with 300% scaling, moved it to the monitor with 150% scaling, and the delete collection window looks like this (note the delete window text is about 2-fold too large):

The above example is potentially manageable, but sometimes when it goes the opposite direction, I can't see the button text. For this (, I

1. Disconnected the external monitor
2. Started zotero (on the monitor with 300% scaling)
3. connected the external monitor
4. moved zotero to the external monitor (with 150% scaling)

Overall, the behavior affects most of the secondary windows (like preferences, delete collection, etc.).
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