Search results - how can I tell which collection a paper is in? [Mac desktop version]

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Apologies if this is something obvious I am just not seeing.

When I do a search in Zotero desktop for an author or keyword I get a list of results. What I would like to know is whether there is a way to tell which collection each of the resulting papers are in? I have my library organised into many folders, and would like to be able to trace the paper I find back to its collection. (I hope that makes sense!)

In Omnifocus for example, if I search for a word it will bring up several entries but I can see from the detail pane on the right a field which shows the name of the project the item is contained in. It's something along those lines I was hoping for in Zotero.

If it doesn't exist already, a field in the information bar on the right that lists the collection would be an extremely useful feature to add!
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    Sorry - where/when should I press ctrl? That appears to bring up the information pane, but there is no field in that (that I can see) which tells me which collection the paper is in...

    (I am using the Mac Desktop version by the way)
  • You select one item - press ctrl - the containing collection will be highlighted.

    But you'll have to do this for each reference... not so convenient. Having this information available somewhere else would be indeed much better.
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    Thanks. Sadly that doesn't appear to work in the Mac version (I tried Ctrl, Alt and Cmd and some combinations of them) - unless there is some other key combination for Mac?

    Having the collection highlighted would be a big step up from where I am just now, but yes this would definitely be my feature request!
  • If we can believe this page (, the option key should do the trick...
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    Hi - I just came back to say that the alt key works, but you beat me to it! It turns out there is a lag, so you have to hold the key down for a moment before anything happens (which is why I missed it before!)

    Thanks for your help in finding that! :)

    [I've also just realised that the paper I was testing it on was in the 'unfiled items' folder which doesn't light up!!]
  • Unfiled Items is a special collection that contains all of the items that don’t belong to any real collection.
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