Problem when trying to install zotero in linux. Send help"!

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Hello there.
Am download zotero for linux, unpack it and run "set_launcher_icon" but nothing happened. I considered the permission, but doest solve anything or create a "zotero.desktop" file which is what i want.
Can somebody help me with this issue?
  • which distro?
  • @vitaminc: A zotero.desktop file is already included in tarball. It'll appear as either zotero.desktop' or Zotero (with a capital "Z" — not to be confused with the 'zotero' file).

    set_launcher_icon won't necessarily do anything visible — it simply modifies the icon path in the zotero.desktop file based on the current location of the directory, but your OS may not update the desktop file until you double-click on it. (And this part will only work on distros that support desktop files.)
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    @adamsmith am using Debian
    @dstillman THANK YOU SO MUCH! Didnt realize the file was already created.
    "Move the extracted directory to a location of your choice (e.g., /opt/zotero), run the set_launcher_icon script to update the .desktop file for that location, and symlink zotero.desktop into ~/.local/share/applications/ (e.g., ln -s /opt/zotero/zotero.desktop ~/.local/share/applications/zotero.desktop). Zotero should then appear in your launcher. "
    --->It doest appear in my menu. What am doing wrong?
    I copied on /opt then ln -s to /.local/shared/application and /myuser/.local/shared/application
  • I copied on /opt then ln -s to /.local/shared/application and /myuser/.local/shared/application
    Maybe they're just typos, but note that neither of those are correct paths.
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