Strange "boxes" in Word


I write my texts in Openoffice (in most cases on Kubuntu, somestimes on XP). Using Zotero as a reference manager works fine - however, when I send my texts to my Microsoft-loving colleagues using MS Word on XP, they see awkward boxes next some (but not all) citations (they kind of look like this: []). How come? Can this be avoided somehow?

  • Does really nobody experience something like this? It is a serious problem for me when I send texts to non-Openoffice users or when I want to upload texts to Scholarone - at every second or so citation I have a quadratic box or a space...
  • Just as an add on - trying to upload to Scholarone, I now deleted all Zotero-fields in a doc-file made in Openoffice. When I then upload, a number of citations are followed by space when Scholarone makes a PDF out of the text - spaces I do not see in Openoffice...
  • Never seen these - but have you tried removing field links (the rightmost button in the plugin) in Ooo?
    I think there's also a shortcut to remove all field codes (regardless of application) in Ooo - Dan has mentioned it once or twice around here, but I forgot.
  • Thanks for your suggestion - I did this (see 4th post) - but that does not help, unfortunately. :(
  • Btw; I'd be more than happy to provide you with an example...
  • I am experiencing it again ... again, I would be happy to e-mail an example.
  • Is this with newly created documents or documents previously created with the 1.0 plugins? I did think this was fixed in the 2.0 plugins.

    If it still happens with new citations, it'd be helpful to know the OpenOffice version and the Word version involved (as the issue is differing Unicode support between the two).
  • I still have the same problem when uploading to e.g. Manuscript Central, I'd be happy to send you a file. They also appear in Word (my employer has version 11.8313.8221 SP3 installed).

    At the desktop I am sitting right now, I am using OOo 3.1.1 on XP. Normally, I write using OOo on Ubuntu Karmic.

    Thanks for your help.
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