startup speed, reload speed and cache of "my library"

Hi Dan & co.,
Thanks again for the superb software and support you provide!

I have a quite large library now, about 8200 items. The zotero.sqlite file is about 720Mb (after compacting it with DB browser for SQLite*), so, the startup is quite slow. I understand that a first startup would require long but I would expect that reloading the "my library" would not take as long, but unfortunately it does. It seems to me that reloading has to read all the DB again. Would it be possible to create some kind of cache for "my library" so that the reloading is faster? Then the cache could be recreated when new items are added...

Would that kind of solution be possible and help with the speed?

Otherwise I will have to find a way to avoid going through "my library"... Do you have any tip in that regard?

Thank you,
*Compacting as described here, helped but did not solve :
  • By "reloading" My Library, do you mean switching back to the library root in the interface?

    Can you provide a Debug ID for an operation that's slow?
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