Storing screen view

I just started using Zotero and wonder if it is possible to store my libraries, for example in a pdf or html file, exactly as they are shown on the screen (same fields and tags and the same sorting). I have not been successful with screen shots (cumbersome) or creating bibliographies (different display formats). Thanks for any help!
  • I'm not understanding what you're asking here. Can you explain further?
  • You can generate an HTML report, if that helps:
  • Thanks for the comment. English is not my native language which might be a problem. When I open a library in Zotero I can see (for example): first column: Title, second column: Creator, third column:... etc. I would like to store this in a file like pdf, html, csv etc. exactly as if I would make a screen shot so that I can watch it again and print it independent of Zotero.
  • What is your use case here? What do you want to do with these screenshots?
  • I want to see or print or send to a friend the screen shot for example arranged according to archive or other selection criteria.
  • The best approach would likely be to select the items you want to send, right click, and then Export to CSV. You can open this file in a spreadsheet program like Excel and then arrange the items however you like.
  • If what you need is exactly like a screenshot, why don't you just take a screenshot?
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