I merge some word documents, it brokes my citation

I merge some word documents (like 7-8) to make my final thesis. I tough i manage my zotero database ok, but turn out when I add my bibliography, I noticed that each time that a document is cited in different chapter, it's listed as a different document in my bibliography. For example, in chapter 1, I cited (Autor, title, 2001a) and in chapter 2, the EXACT same document is writen (Autor, title, 2001b).

I checked in my database, turn out it's the same document, listed only one time. It's not only one or two citations, it's every time I cited the same document in two different chapters.

I don't how or went it broke. I suppose it's when the document updated itself when I corrected something for the first time after the merge.

I wonder if it's possible to fix it without, like, redo every citations (since they are nearly 1000 of them in the document).
  • If you click on one of the citations, click Add/Edit Citation, and click the blue bubble, do you see "Show in My Library" at the bottom of the popup?

    If so, and you then do it for the other citation, does that work as well, and does it focus the same item in Zotero?
  • It does sometimes. But most of the time the "Show in My Library" is not even visible.
  • OK, so when it's missing that means the associated item was deleted from the database, or it was added from a different database. You'll need to reinsert those.
  • Ok, but then won't it be twice in the library?
  • No, I mean reinsert those into your document, using the item that's in your library.
  • But, like, one by one?
  • I'm afraid so. There's no longer any link between these items and items in your library, so as far as Zotero is concerned they're different items. Again, this would only happen if you deleted the associated items in Zotero or added them from a different Zotero library.
  • And to be clear, you don't need to remove the ones that are still linked to your library, just the ones that don't show "Show Item in My Library".
  • Thank you!
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