Fix Zotero RDF Export writing authorList as blank nodes

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This issue is concerning the Zotero RDF Export.

I am aware of the github repository containing the translators, however my javascript skills are negligible and I hope someone can help me to fix this together.

The authors have blank nodes as their subjects which, to my knowledge, makes it impossible to link them to other resources. Also the author and editor lists are blank nodes.

A suggestion for a fix:

you use the urn as the subject for a publication. Append "#authorList" to pin the author list to the publication. Identify a single author as "urn#FIRSTNAME_LASTNAME" or similar to at least pin them to the publication. This will not fix having the same author existing as different nodes, however will make it easier to merge them externally e.g. via SPARQL queries. Do this analogously for the editorlists, either on the base level or within the collection scope.

I hope someone can help me with this, thanks in any case for reading!

best luis

As an example (in ttl for better readability)


< urn:1234 > a bibo:Book ;
dcterms:title "A really good book" ;
bibo:authorList [ a rdf:Seq ;
rdf:_1 _:Ne418874114e448b9a4b8521191c15bb2 ] .

_:Ne418874114e448b9a4b8521191c15bb2 a foaf:Person ;
foaf:surname "Doe" ;
foaf:givenName "Jane" .


< urn:1234 > a bibo:Book ;
dcterms:title "A really good book" ;
bibo:authorList .

< urn:1234#authorList > a rdf:Seq ;
rdf:_1 .

< urn#jane_doe > a foaf:Person ;
foaf:surname "Doe" ;
foaf:givenName "Jane" .
  • I would suggest that you look at the Bibliontology RDF export translator instead. This seems much more tailored to be used with other linked data. There the author nodes are not blank nodes but receive an nodeID.
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