bug - "university" field missing from bibliographic export and API in TEI format


I've been parsing the TEI desktop exports and API from Zotero, and the "university" field is missing from "thesis" entries in both cases.


For bibliographic export from desktop: Zotero 5.0.7 on Mac OSX 10.11

For API: https://api.zotero.org/groups/2304628/items?format=atom&content=tei&v=3

  • That might be in the publisher field.
  • edited August 11, 2019
    The university field data is found nowhere in the TEI file.
  • "university" is mapped to "publisher", but it looks like we're not actually doing anything with those mappings during export — the export translator just gets "university", which it doesn't know how to do anything with.

    I don't know if we've ever done anything different here.

    We could just convert these to base fields before passing to the translator, but we'd have to check whether any of our export formats handle any of the base-mapped fields differently. (In other words, hypothetically speaking, if TEI had a specific field for "university" that was separate from "publisher", just passing "publisher" wouldn't be ideal.) We could potentially convert to base fields and also include a separate object in the item with the mappings, so translators would use the base fields by default but would have the option of supporting the mapped fields separately, but I'm not sure if that's necessary.

    (The other option, having each export translator duplicate the mappings, would be annoying and error-prone.)
  • So at this point it's not available data for the TEI format API...and it sounds as though it will be a while before it is available?

    Within the tei:imprint element of tei:bibl, tei:publisher would be the place for the university with all other publishing entities. There isn't a specific element for universities.
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