Audio recording: change log date

I am writing an article on the citation of sound recording and its development. I would like to mention that Zotero has evolved a lot in the citations in these documents but I can't find the dates in the change log (for example, date of the addition of "audio recording" or date of the creation of the functions "words by", "performer"...). Can you help me to find these informations?
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  • The Audio Recording item type has existed in its current state since Zotero was created in 2006.
  • I know it but not sure that all the functions were available, I would like to. understand the progress... what do you think?
  • As I say, Audio Recording and the creator types you mention haven't ever changed.
  • Note that "Composer" and "Words By" probably aren't used in any citation styles, though. "Performer" is just an alias for "Author" and is used wherever "Author" would be used in any other item type.
  • Actually, it looks like a few non-default styles (e.g., DIN 1505-2) use "Composer". You can search through for `composer`. None of the standard styles use it.

    "Words By" has no meaning in citation styles.
  • Thank you, I look forward to better understanding : it is really interesting for historians, linguists or anthropologists who record in the field, to know how to cite their sources.
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