customising an RIS file to include 'loc. in archive'/'permanent' ID

Hi there,

I'm looking to use Zotero together with EPPI reviewer for a systematic review of the literature. I'm interested in preserving the permanent IDs assigned to references when references are transferred between Zotero and EPPI reviewer.

After talking to the EPPI reviewer team about this, I've learned that in order to do so, I need to customise the ID- field of my RIS files.

Could someone please let me know how to customise this field when creating an RIS file to export references out of Zotero?

Thanks in advance,
  • Could you clarify what should go into the ID field? The content of loc. in archive in Zotero?
  • something along the lines of: 10/bj895h;2339240:79AIX6B5 (copied from the loc. in archive field in Zotero).
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    Hello Zoe,

    When you output from Zotero to RIS, the "AN" field contains the Loc. in Archive. In your case, if you look at the RIS, you'd see a line

    AN - 10/bj895h;2339240:79AIX6B5

    The ID field may or may not be used when exporting from Zotero. Check through your RIS, to see whether the line

    ID - something

    occurs anywhere. Let's assume it doesn't occur. Then you can simply open your RIS file in a text editor, and replace all occurrences of "AN - " with "ID - ". Of course, that will not work completely if the string "AN -" occurs elsewhere (e.g. in an abstract). If you have access to the command-line, this would work better:

    perl -pe 's/^AN -/ID -/' Exported\ Items.ris

    Here's some things to check:

    (1) I don't know whethre the Loc in Archive is always put into AN. You'd have to check the item types that you use (e.g. journal, book, book chapter) etc, so make sure that the Loc in Archive always ends up in AN. (@adamsmith - do you know?)

    (2) @adamsmith - I've just put "ID -" onto a new line in an abstract of an item. When that's exported, I get

    TY - ELEC
    TI - ...
    AB - XXXX

    ID - YYYY
    DA -
    ER -
    Is there no provision for RIS to 'escape' such cases? Or is this an issue with the RIS export?
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