Inputting Hijri Dates in Mendeley: How Do I do this?

Dear all,

My thesis cites numerous Arabic works which's year of publication uses the Hijri calendar (I also use numerous works using the Gregorian calendar). Normally I would type Gregorian years the way we usually do (e.g. 2000), and the Hijri years with an H at the end (e.g. 1440 H).

However, I cannot input the H into the Year in Mendeley. It seems that the Year space is programmed to only accept numbers. I cannot just convert the Hijri years to Gregorian calendar, because the Arabic works usually do not mention the specific date of publication (the year only).

So I now have footnotes referring to works published in 1430. I meant in Hijri (equivalent to 2008-2009 in Gregorian), but it now looks like Im looking at ancient manuscripts.

Any suggestions?
  • As we've said before, you need to ask Mendeley support for help with using Mendeley. Or you can switch to Zotero and ask all the questions you want here.
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