Recovering files with El Capitan and new version of Firefox

I upgraded my mac (quite old) from Snow Leopard to El Capitan. After that, I downloaded a new version of Firefox. And now, I have Zotero (on the deck) but the problem is that when I open it, I find the files I have on and not the files that were in Zotero when I used the Zotero icon on my computer. And the problem is that my files on were not updated, because my version of Firefox was too old to do the syncronization between the Zotero toolbar and . So, now I can't reach the most recent version of my files (the ones put through Zotero icon).
Do you know if there is something I can do to recover what was on my Zotero icon?
I hope it's not too confused...
Thanks a lot for your help!
  • Bonjour,
    J'ai fait passer mon Mac, assez vieux, d'une ancienne version (Snow Léopard) à El Capitan. A ce moment j'ai fait la mise à jour de firefox. J'ai bien Zotero (en bas, installé dans le deck) mais quand je l'ouvre, le Zotero affiche ce qu'il y avait dans ma bibliothèque sur le site, et pas ce qu'il y avait dans ma barre Zotero sur mon ancienne version de Mac. Or, comme j'étais sur une ancienne version de Mac, je ne pouvais pas synchroniser le Zotero de ma barre d'ordi et ma bibliothèque Zotero (sur le site), donc mes dossiers dans n'étaient pas à jour... (vous suivez ?). Savez-vous s'il y a moyen que je retrouve l'état de Zotero tel qu'il était sur mon ordi, jusqu'à ce que je passe de Léopard à El Capitan ?
    Merci beaucoup de votre aide !
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    See this page for an explanation and fix:

    You likely need to manually copy the 'zotero' in your Firefox profile directory to take the place of the new 'Zotero' directory in your home directory.

    (Feel free to respond in French.)
  • Thanks a lot ! Just to know, Zotero I have now is still Zotero.4, not Zotero 5...
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    You should install Zotero 5 before you do anything else.
  • I installed Zotero 5 ; now I have the icon but :
    - when I click on it, it says "Save to : Zotero Connector must be authorized in order to save items to when Zotero is not open"
    The problem is that I don't want to authorize because I'm afraid it will synchronize with "", which is not updated because I could not synchonize with Snow Leopard...
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    The icon in your browser isn’t Zotero. It’s the save button for the Zotero Connector. You need to open Zotero to see your data.

    You’re a couple years behind here, but see this post for an explanation:
  • We read the first link you sent and we finally find the Firefox Profile Directory with the Zotero subdirectory, the Storage Directory which apparently contents many folders. Good news, we hope : )
    So now if we follow the explanation, we need to "Rename your current data directory in your home directory from “Zotero” to “Zotero-Old”". But what is exactly this "current data directory" ? Is it the directory of the Zotero application or something else ? And what is exactly the "home directory" ? Sorry for all this, but I don't want to make a mistake ...Thanks!
  • Home directory: the directory named after your username, with an icon of a house, containing Desktop, Document, Music, and Pictures

    Data directory:
  • It worked !!! You by your advices and my great friend with his help here in Belgium saved my life !!! Thanks a lot !!
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