Disambiguation in copied bibliography

I am copying a longish bibliography directly from Zotero (to be inserted in WORD). I do not get disambiguation dates (2016a 2016b) as I would like, how do I set this in the style for the copied bibliography? It is not dependent on quoted item that way.
  • What style are you using, and what are two items you expect to be disambiguated?
  • I am using my own style, which lists the bibliographic entries like this:

    Köpp 2016 – Kai Köpp: Das Reproduktionsklavier: Zwischen Musikinstrument und Medium, in: Spiel (mit) der Maschine. Musikalische Medienpraxis in der Frühzeit von Phonografie, Selbstspielklavier, Film und Radio, Frankfurt am Main 2016, S. 157–176.

    Köpp 2016 – Kai Köpp: Musikalisches Körperwissen. Embodiment als Methode der (historischen) Interpretationsforschung, in: Dissonance. Schweizer Zeitschrift für Forschung und Kreation (2016), 135, S. 14–18.

    It should list
    Köpp 2016a
    Köpp 2016b

    I am not using the automatic bibliography but instead I copy it in Zotero, as it contains items which were not cited in the text.

    I can always add the suffix manually if it is impossible. I foresee another problem, as I believe it will always add the suffix also to the date later in the entry, which ideally it shouldn't.
  • Okay, can you post your style code to http://hastebin.com and link here?
  • ? Hastebin gives me an empty page in Safari, no idea what it is.

    Anway, I was hoping there is a setting which I missed, if there isn't it isn't that important. The style works fine otherwise.
  • Hmm, try to post to gist.github.com or pastebin.com then.

    There is likely an error in your style, I would like to point you to it exactly.
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