Wrong year at Date Added Field

All the items I added to my library today get the Date Added field set to 2018/08/05 with the correct time (today is, in my time zone, 2019/08/05).

It happened with different types of archives pdf, tif, doc and with items added by file or plugin, just when I add the date is set correct but after some time it changes the year to 2018. For the items that I saved using the plugin it also changes the date in the Accessed field.

My OS is Windows 10 1903 18362.267, and its Date and Hour settings are correct.

I installed Zotero again, so I am using 5.0.73 version + ZotFile.

What should I try to fix this issue?
  • The "Modified" time shown in the right-hand pane when you look at the attachment is the modification time of the file itself, not the Zotero attachment item.
  • In the right-handed panel, there are at least 3 date fields: Date (for the published date, it is the date that came with the item's metadata), Date Added (the date the item came to Zotero) and Modified (the date the archive was last handed in that computer).

    My problem is with Date Added that is registering a year delay, even with my OS with the right date and time.

    Date Added is also an option to sort columns in the collection pane, as the date is wrong the order in the collections is messed up, which is a problem for me because I have to process the documents I put in Zotero based on the order they came.

    I made another test today, and the same problem happened: after some time Zotero changed the date to 2018/08/06 08:34:57 (correct day, month, hour and wrong year).
  • Other than merging items, which keeps the oldest Date Added value, nothing in Zotero should cause the Date Added to change. We've never had any other reports of this.

    If you can provide a Debug ID for this occurring, we can take a look.
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    If you're running any plugins (ZotFile or others), you should try with those disabled.
  • I disabled Zotfile, but the problem still occurs.
    I am sending a Debug ID D1906696443, I saved an item with firefox connector, it was a pdf with no matches, so it is just the file but the wrong date also happened.
  • That's very weird. Have you tried restarting your computer?
  • I could try, but it happened yesterday, I turned off the computer for the night and it also happened today.
  • I restarted the computer and also verified the BIOS date and hour, everything correct, but the problem still happening.

    I uninstalled Zotero, also cleaned %AppData%, reinstalled the Beta version (which I had at the beginning) installed the beta connector to firefox, saved a today online journal news and the problem still is happening

    Here is the reference Zotero made in the APA style:

    Quase 25% da população mundial enfrenta estresse hídrico extremo. (2019, August 6). Retrieved August 6, 2018, from GaúchaZH website: https://gauchazh.clicrbs.com.br/mundo/noticia/2019/08/quase-25-da-populacao-mundial-enfrenta-estresse-hidrico-extremo-cjyzvpray01q401nx7nmqq30e.html

  • Can you provide a Debug ID from Zotero that shows saving a regular item (not a PDF) and letting auto-sync kick in, such that the Accessed date also gets updated?
  • Sure, I saved 3 items from Scopus, here is the debug ID D1941148416.

    I also tried, based on this post https://deciphertools.com/blog/2016-04-14-windows-date-time-bugs/ to change the time zone. And I noticed that when I am in other time zones the problem doesn't happen. But when I came back to my original time zone (UTC-03:00) Brasília it starts again.
  • Those don't have Accessed dates. Just save the page you linked to above, which included one.
  • Also, as a simple test, if you just paste "2019-08-06 14:20:56" into the Accessed field of an item, is it saved as 2019 or 2018?
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    If I paste or change the accessed date to 2019/08/06 after some time it also changes to 2018/08/06.

    Here is the debug ID for this behaviour D711606850.

    I also tried to change an accessed date to 2019/01/01 it changed to 31/12/2018. But when I used a 2017 date it works. Seems like the dates got stuck until 2018.
  • Could it be a problem related to the time zone mappings from Java Runtime Environment?
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    No, nothing to do with Java.

    OK, this might take a little back and forth, but can you go to Tools → Developer → Run JavaScript, paste the code below into the left pane, and press Run, and then copy the result here?

    var str = '';
    var d = Zotero.Date.isoToDate('2019-08-06T17:20:27Z');
    str += d.toString() + '\n' + d.toLocaleDateString();
    var val = Zotero.Date.dateToSQL(d, true);
    str += '\n' + val;
  • Here is the result:

    Mon Aug 06 2018 14:20:27 GMT-0300 (Hora oficial do Brasil)
    2018-08-06 17:20:27
  • I think the problem is related to the Windows version, both my work and personal computer have the Windows 10 1903 version, and both have this date problem with Zotero, but a coworker who uses Zotero in both a Windows 7 and Windows 10 version 1803, although in the same time zone doesn't have the problem.
  • OK, another test in that window:

    new Date(2019, 7, 6, 17, 20, 27)
  • Result:
  • OK, how about this?

    var isoDate = '2019-08-06T17:20:27Z';
    var output = [];
    var _re8601 = /^([0-9]{4})(-([0-9]{2})(-([0-9]{2})(T([0-9]{2}):([0-9]{2})(:([0-9]{2})(\.([0-9]+))?)?(Z|(([-+])([0-9]{2}):([0-9]{2})))?)?)?)?$/;
    var d = isoDate.match(_re8601);
    var offset = 0;
    var date = new Date(d[1], 0, 1);
    if (d[3]) { date.setMonth(d[3] - 1); }
    if (d[5]) { date.setDate(d[5]); }
    if (d[7]) { date.setHours(d[7]); }
    if (d[8]) { date.setMinutes(d[8]); }
    if (d[10]) { date.setSeconds(d[10]); }
    if (d[12]) { date.setMilliseconds(Number("0." + d[12]) * 1000); }
    if (d[14]) {
    offset = (Number(d[16]) * 60) + Number(d[17]);
    offset *= ((d[15] == '-') ? 1 : -1);
    offset -= date.getTimezoneOffset();
    var time = (Number(date) + (offset * 60 * 1000));
    output.push(new Date(time).toString());
  • Result:
    Mon Dec 31 2018 23:00:00 GMT-0300 (Hora oficial do Brasil)
    Fri Aug 31 2018 23:00:00 GMT-0300 (Hora oficial do Brasil)
    Mon Aug 06 2018 23:00:00 GMT-0300 (Hora oficial do Brasil)
    Mon Aug 06 2018 17:00:00 GMT-0300 (Hora oficial do Brasil)
    Mon Aug 06 2018 17:20:00 GMT-0300 (Hora oficial do Brasil)
    Mon Aug 06 2018 17:20:27 GMT-0300 (Hora oficial do Brasil)
    Mon Aug 06 2018 17:20:27 GMT-0300 (Hora oficial do Brasil)
    Mon Aug 06 2018 14:20:27 GMT-0300 (Hora oficial do Brasil)
  • And this?

    var isoDate = '2019-08-06T17:20:27Z';
    new Date("2019", 0, 1).toString() + "\n" + new Date(2019, 0, 1).toString() + "\n" + new Date(isoDate).toString();
  • Mon Dec 31 2018 23:00:00 GMT-0300 (Hora oficial do Brasil)
    Mon Dec 31 2018 23:00:00 GMT-0300 (Hora oficial do Brasil)
    Tue Aug 06 2019 14:20:27 GMT-0300 (Hora oficial do Brasil)
  • OK, this should be fixed in the latest Zotero beta, and the fix will be included in Zotero 5.0.74. Thanks for your help.
  • Just to let you know: I noticed the same problem today (the "Date added" exactly one year behind). A new version of Windows 10 (1903, I think) was installed in my computer two days ago.
  • Hello,
    I am having the same issue with my Zotero 5.0.73 (Windows 10). I noticed that all date information is correct except the year (2018 instead of 2019). The weirdest thing happens when I add a citation from Chrome, it initially presents the right year (2019), but a few seconds later, it becomes 2018. I took screenshots if it is of any help.
    Do you have any idea when that fix will be available? I often sort my library for some projects using date added, and it makes things a little awkward.

    Thank you all for your great support as always!
  • You can already use the beta version (which is generally quite stable, see the link in dstillman's last post above) if you would like the fix now. Otherwise typical release frequency is every 1-2 months, but varies quite a bit.
  • Just to let you know that I am likely in the same city as mplenz, and having the same problem with dates (1 year delay).
    I realized also that upon this morning my database is not updating correctly in the standalone interface, it doesn't load the most recent entries (although everything is correctly updated online). I deleted the zotero.sqlite and resynced 2 or 3 times, and every time the database is repopulated upon a different date. I am not a pro, but I guess that both problems are related.
  • This is fixed in Zotero 5.0.74, available now via Help → "Check for Updates…".
  • I was also having the same issue described by mplentz.
    It's been a few months as well.

    I did not run all the tests that he did, but it seems that we're both from Brazil and using the UTC -03:00 (Brasilia) timezone.

    I was using Zotero 5.0.73.

    I updated to Zotero 5.0.74, as suggested by dstillman, ran a few tests, and it seems that the bug is fixed.

    If someone still notice this issue in the new version, let us know here.

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