Duplication of Copied/Moved Files and Folders

I am experiencing a bug in Zotero, where my folders and files appear to be automatically duplicating somewhat like a worm virus would- but its happening after I move folders or files around. It does it often and I have to manually delete these folders using the dupes tool. Its not easy and its clutters my Zotero cabinet spaces.

Any fix for this?
  • Where exactly are you seeing these duplicates?

    Just to be clear, when you drag items between collections, by default Zotero adds the items to the target collection without removing them from the previous collection. (That's not actually creating a duplicate of the item that would show up in Duplicate Items, though, so it may not be what you're referring to.)

  • The Zotero libraries I make are making extra folders I never dragged/dropped anywhere. Sometimes I open the app, and there are like 5 folders having one name. If I drag and drop it will do that too, and of course including the original. I am not copying folders. I am only moving files.
  • First, just to clarify the terminology, in Zotero there are "collections" and there are "items". Attachment items can have associated "files". It sounds like you're talking about collections and items.

    There's nothing in Zotero that should cause collections to be duplicated other than using export/import, which could would duplicate an entire collection hierarchy.

    If you can reproduce this, we'd want to see a Debug ID for it occurring.
  • This it true, my files/folders are algo being duplicated without reason, no drag and drop, no copies. The folders simply appear duplicated.
  • (note that this is likely a display issue, not actual duplication, so be careful about removing any "duplicates")
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