Chicago, but keeping short titles (for LHBOTS)

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I know this has been covered but quite some time ago. I am using chicago 17th, but the publishers require that you keep short titles through out, so

Schattschneider, ‘“Buy Me a Bride”’, 3.
Schattschneider, ‘“Buy Me a Bride”’, 34.
Schattschneider, ‘“Buy Me a Bride”’, 32.


Schattschneider, ‘“Buy Me a Bride”’, 3.
Schattschneider, 34.
Schattschneider, 32.

Does anyone have any guidance? the Chicago 16th now uses ibid.

  • Can you provide link to the Authors Giudelines?
    You can create your own style based on chicago - documentation you can find on the or use VisualEditor on You can also ask for the new style (follow instruction on the
  • Thank you so much. I've tried to edit them but just can't work it out. Is there a guide? I can't find the 'repeated citation' on the visual editor

    Here is the guidance:

    UK English: British punctuation rules apply for footnotes and bibliography. Thus single before double quotation marks, and punctuation outside the quotation mark in chapter or article titles (whether footnotes or bibliographies). Some examples are listed below to clarify:

    An Article in an Edited Collection
    Harold W. Attridge, ‘Jewish Historiography’, in Early Judaism and Its Modern Interpreters, ed. R.A. Kraft and G.W.E. Nickelsburg (Philadelphia: Fortress, 1986), 311–43.
    Attridge, ‘Jewish Historiography’, 314–17.
    Attridge, ‘Jewish Historiography’, in Kraft and Nickelsburg, Early Judaism, 314–17.
    Attridge, Harold A. ‘Jewish Historiography’. Pages 311–43 in Early Judaism and Its Modern Interpreters. Edited by R.A. Kraft and G.W.E. Nickelsburg. Philadelphia: Fortress, 1986.

    A Journal Article
    Blake Leyerle, ‘John Chrysostom on the Gaze’, JECS 1 (1993): 159–74.
    Leyerle, ‘Chrysostom’, 161.
    Leyerle, Blake. ‘John Chrysostom on the Gaze.’ JECS 1 (1993): 159–74.
  • Did you try Society of Biblical Literature style? of biblical
  • Yes, but unfortunately the punctuation , or . comes inside the quotation marks!

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