Bolding Author Names

My institution keeps track of all publications by an associated author. Part of the way we do this is to bold those specific author names within each citation (currently we use EndNote). Is it possible to do this in Zotero, or would it be a possible feature in the future?

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    The only way to accomplish that would be to set boldface markup on the name in each Zotero item (i.e. <b>Smith</b>). For a large set of items, it's possible to do that programmatically with a little effort, but since it means altering the item content, you would want to use a separate group library for that purpose.
  • I keep a separate group library with the author names in bold brackets like fbennett says for just this purpose. I also include various annotations, like asterisks for author order arrangements, on these items
  • If I put the boldface markup in, does that show it has bold when you are just looking at the Zotero entry or only in the output?

    Is it possible for Zotero to be updated to allow for author names to be bolded like you would in the notes (with just ctrl+b for example). Is there somewhere to request that as an update?
  • It will show the markup in the Zotero app interface and as bold text in any rendered citations and bibliographies. More integrated support for entering and displaying text markup in the Zotero app itself is planned, but requires a move to a new development framework that is currently underway to be finished first.
  • Thanks! Is there a timeline for the move?
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