Need help with "Add selection to Zotero note"

v1.0.0b4 r5 r1458

When I highlight some text on a web page, right click and choose
"Add selection to Zotero note", nothing seems to happen.

When I choose "Create Zotero item and note from selection"
I get a new item and note, but no text in the note.

What am I missing?

  • OK, it works on some text, not others.

    Specifically, it doesn't work on text selected in a gmail message,
    it works fine if I select text from this page.

  • It seems that Zotero is not able to create a snapshot of a gmail message (explained in an earlier forum message), and thus, somehow doesn't get to the note creation step.

    I would like to see an option (in the context menu) to just create a stand-alone note (instead of zotero item containing snapshot + note, which is overkill sometimes). This would be great for basic note-taking, where you're not really interested in the source.

    This would also allow people to clip text from gmail messages.

    Finally, I'm a little confused about when you get the option to "Add selection to Zotero note" vs. "Create Zotero item and note from selection".
  • Not to modify your request, but you do know that CTRL+ALT+O starts a new standalone note in a jiffy.
  • plambert,

    If the currently selected item in Zotero is a note, the choice
    "Add Selection to Zotero Note" is available.
  • Thanks for the tips. ctrl-alt-o works great, but only if the Zotero window is open.
  • True, I discovered that after I posted. I expect that's by design, but I wouldn't mind if it were changed to work even with the Z window closed (much like the context menu Zotero items do).
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