Drag to create file links from Zotero to Finder in MacOS


I am using MacOS and Zotero. I can drag a pdf to an existing Zotero entry and attach a copy of the file to the entry, or I can repeat with option-command to create a link to Zotero entry.

If I drag the pdf of an entry from Zotero to finder, it creates a copy of the pdf.

If I repeat the above with option-drag, I can see a green color "plus" sign, which means creating a copy, and it creates a copy of the pdf

If I repeat the above with option-command-drag, I can see a "curved arrow" sign, which means creating an alias in finder. However, it is creating a copy of the pdf to finder instead.

My question is:
For option-command-drag that creates copy, is it a bug or an intended behavior?


PS: I am using Zotero 5.0.72, MacOS 10.14.4.
  • We're not currently able to create links to files in Zotero (at least, in a way we'd be comfortable doing). The misleading cursor feedback can reasonably be considered bug, but I'm not sure we can control that.

    If you really want a link to a stored file, you can use Show File first and then create a link from there.
  • It would be very helpful (for my personal workflow) to have a way of mass dragging PDFs from Zotero as aliases out into the finder.
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