Using Two language Citation in Ms Word

edited August 3, 2019
Is there away to add citations in Ms word in two languages without translation using Item's language Description, as citations in Arabic and citation in English .

More Detail
If I add English Citation , It did, but some time like If I add article journal citation it translate "Vol" in citation to Arabic, And I don't need to translate it if Citation is English, And Translate it if citation is Arabic.

I hop It is Clear.

This is the example:
The problem is :
- I am using Arabic Language , And I have Arabic and English References .
- Others Researcher wrote in Arabic, As "واخرون" .
- Vol , Wrote in Arabic , As "عدد" .
- I need to translate these words (Look to example) to English with English references with Option Arabic language.


Fawzy Mahmoud Salama وآخرون, "Vegetation Analysis and Species Diversity in the Desert Ecosystem of Coastal Wadis of South Sinai, Egypt" 3, عدد 2 (د.ت): 14.
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