Library Hub Discover replacing Copac - is there a Zotero translator?


In the UK as of today, Copac (the main unionised catalogue which cross-searches bibliographic data from the vast majority of UK research libraries, universities, etc.) is being replace by Library Hub Discover ( Unfortunately, some cursory testing shows that Zotero doesn't currently seem to be able to scrape the metadata from the majority of records. Since it's the same underlying data set as Copac I hope this is a temporary situation.

Would someone more technically competent than me be able to have a look and see what the issue is?

I'll also raise this with the Library Hub Discover support team to see if they know any reasons why this might not be working.

Many thanks,
  • I discovered this the other day as well. Although I've examined the html, which seems to be using the book schema, I don't know enough about the workings of Zotero to understand why it can't now scrape the metadata from the Library Hub pages. I wrote to the Library Hub support address about this yesterday but haven't yet had a reply. Do post on here if you get a response and I'll do the same.

  • Zotero needs dedicated scripts for new sites/catalogs. Shouldn't be too hard in this case, but will likely take some weeks before we get it done. Ticket is here (but please only use that for technical notes)
  • A quick update. I've just heard back from JISC and they've re-enabled the settings in Library Hub Discover to the same as they were in Copac so Zotero can now detect the metadata or you can export RIS.

    I've quickly tested a couple of records and all seems to be working well.

    Thanks all.
  • I had a similar message from JISC. Zotero now recognises the metadata on individual record pages, but not on lists of search results, e.g. night battles&rn=1

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