After updating a duplicate library magically appeared!

I recently updated zotero and now a duplicate library appears. So I just deleted the duplicate library, but now in the "duplicate items" folder literally every one of my 3000+ citations is showing up as a duplicate.

Fix or solution most appreciated. Why did the duplicate library magically appear in the first place? I don't recall this occurring previously when updating.
  • This isn't something updating would do. The only way to get duplicates is to export your library and then import it either the same library or a new library that you then sync with the same account.

    You can sort your library by Date Added in the middle pane and delete all the items you created via the import, which should all have the same date (June 14th, possibly, from the logs of your online library).
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    Somehow there is now a zotero folder in my onedrive which contains the file "my library.rdf" and a subfolder called "files".

    I don't recall ever setting up zotero to work with onedrive though and I cannot find any settings anywhere in preferences that refer to onedrive.

    edit: when I goto preferences\advanced\files and folders there is no "base directory" listed, however when I click on the choose button, the OneDrive zotero folder is shown in explorer.

  • That's not a library — it's a manual export you made of your library, and then presumably reimported back into Zotero if you're seeing duplicates.
  • Yes something like that happened. I've figured it out now, it was a good tip to sort by date then delete everything from 14th June. Then re-synced with the server and it's back to normal now. Thanks for the help :-)
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