Sync pdf directly to Gdrive with zotero connector chrome ext?

Hi all, one of the features I like about the zotero connector chrome plugin is that it will automatically attach a pdf file (when available) to the entry. This saves time having to download the file, save it to my google drive pdf folder, then manually add a link to the stored file.

I'm starting to run out of zotero cloud space and there is no point to pay twice for storing exactly the same pdf files (eg: Gdrive and zotero cloud which is expensive in comparison). So is there a way zotero can automatically download a pdf, save it in the designated folder on Gdrive, and create the link to file?

Sorry one last question, do file links work with zotpad? eg: say I've got the Gdrive app on my ipad and I want to read an article which has been linked on my PC. Will zotpad be able to open that file from the iPad Gdrive app??
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    Upon further searching it seems as though using a webdav service may be the solution to above question. So if I then install, say the 4shared ipad app, can zotpad retrieve pdf files stored in my 4shared folder?

    15 Gb for free versus $5 per month for 6Gb zotero storage.
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