Attached file storage access problems on different paths

edited July 27, 2019
> "The attached file could not be found."

I keep all my document files in a cloud directory and attach them as links to their constituent zotero entries using zotfile.

I do *not* sync files at all--neither through zotero nor webdav. I like having a flat directory for all my files and its been simple and pain-free (up to now).

I haven't had issues with zotero finding the attached files before on different machines, but up to now, all my machines were linux and had the exact same base directory absolute path, eg '/home/evdcush/Lcloud/library'

But now, I am trying to access my linked attached files on a microsoft (W10) machine and being unsuccessful.

Zotero says it uses relative paths for linked file attachments within the base directory, but it cannot find files.

The files are located in 'C:\Users\evdcush\Lcloud\library' on windows. Is there a solution to this issue of finding linked files on machines with different file structures?
  • Did you set the base directory to the equivalent location on Windows?

    Can you provide a Debug ID for an unsuccessful attempt to open the file on Windows?
  • Hello, thank you for your help.

    Yes, the base directory was set to the equivalent location on Windows, in both

    Edit>Preferences>Advanced>Files and Folders>Linked Attachment Base Directory

    Tools>ZotFile Preferences>Custom Location

    However, the filename for all linked attachment files still shows the absolute path from the linux machines.

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    All the files in your online library are stored as absolute Linux paths — nothing is using a relative path — so it's likely that either your base directory is set incorrectly or you haven't synced since setting the base directory on the Linux machine.
  • THANK YOU! It's fixed now.

    As you said, the base directory was unset on my linux machines. Since they all used the exact same absolute pathing I didn't realize the base was unset.

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