Sample article with poor parsing by Zotero Connector


I tried the Zotero Connector (Chrome, version 5.0.57) on the following article: (specifically on the ScienceDirect page that it redirects to, while connected to my university's IP address on-campus, with PDF access:

It saved an entry into my Zotero 5.0.72 client on macOS 10.12.6 with the following title:

Identification for Switched Systems**This research was supported by Deep Exploration Technology and Experimentation Project under Grant No. 201311194-04. Also partially supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China under Grant No. 61321002, 61473038, 61074031.

Seems it does not properly parse the title and instead gets confused by the footnote, which is a hyperlink asterisk.

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PS- I am new to Zotero / Zotero Connector, and to the Zotero Forums / contribution. Feel free to inform me how you prefer bug reports like these, etc. (I saw that the GitHub contribution guidelines said to use the Forum, not create Issues…).
  • Bug or other issue reports here are perfect.

    In this case the problem is at Sciencedirect, not Zotero, though. If you click on "Export" and look at e.g. the bibtex files in a text editor, you'll see the same title including all the funding info. You should report that issue to them.
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