Why Won't Zotero Open RDF File

I'm trying to export a bibliography from a library catalog webpage. There is an option to "Zotero RDF Export" on the webpage, but when I save it and then try to import the file with Zotero I get the message "The selected file is not in a supported format." In the file properties it says it is an RDF document. What am I doing wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  • You don't open an RDF file in Zotero — you import it via File → Import.

    But is there a reason you're exporting from the library catalog? That would be a very unusual workflow. Generally you would just click the Save to Zotero button, as you would anywhere else.
  • I was able to save it to Zotero and open it using the save to Zotero button. I discovered that double clicking the name in Zotero that it opens it up in Firefox. I was expecting to see the actual bibliography in Zotero. This is my first time using of it so maybe it's not made for what I want. I'm wanting to get a bibliography of our newest additions to our catalog to send to students and faculty. Previously I have used Word and created a bibliography, but I saw the "Zotero RDF Export" and decided to try it. I would like it in a format in which I can highlight certain books. Is that a possibility in Zotero?
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