While working in Group... Track changes

Is there a way to "track changes" by other Group members?
My Group Type is Public Closed and Library Editing is Any group members.

  • You can ask these questions all in one thread.

    By track changes, do you mean receive a notification when an item is updated? If so, there is an Atom feed link on the left side of the group library on Zotero.org. You can subscribe to that using an RSS reader or a service like IFTTT.

    You can also sort the items in the Zotero app by Date Modified.
  • Not just when they are changed, but what the changes that were made, like in Word Track Change. Where the changes can be accepted or rejected? Or at least see what the previous record looked like, like Google's Version History.

    Thanks again.
  • No, sorry, that sort of version control isn't currently possible.
  • Hi I dont' think the RSS link is working. When I click on the link on my Group, I get a page full of code.
  • That’s the RSS feed. You need to subscribe to that link in an RSS reader or using a service like IFTTT.
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