Art Exhibition Catalogues and Artworks


I have two questions regarding art history citations when using the Chicago Manual of Style 17th edition.

1) What is the best way to deal with exhibition catalogues? I am basically trying to achieve the following. I would like the note in my MS Word document to just mention the title of the book. However, in the bibliography, I would like to add at the end of the reference a sentence such as: "Published in conjunction with an exhibition of the same title, organized by and presented at the Art Institute of Chicago, September 18, 2014–January 4, 2015." I think I am supposed to use the "extra" field, though I am not sure how to generate a note in MS Word that would include that sentence only in the bibliography (but not in the note).

2) Though there is an artwork reference type in Zotero, it has several issues. For instance, if using the full note style, it always generates the artwork date twice. Is there a way around this issue? I was also hoping I could include an image from an artwork through Zotero (for instance, if I would have attached it as a jpeg to my reference for that artwork in Zotero).

In general, I guess I am wondering if there is some way to tinker the CSLs, taking into consideration, however, that I am not a coder...

I am sorry if these questions have already been posed elsewhere, but I was not able to find a clear answer to them.

Many thanks for your much appreciated help,


  • yes I'd like to know as well how to add exhibition catalogs as I use them all the time in my bibliography. If you have found out, please let me know. thank you
  • There was some discussion a few years back about the fields that are needed to cite exhibition catalogues, with no real resolution.

    The consensus is that these should be entered as a Book. What additional fields do you need? What style are you using and how do you expect the citation to look?
  • Hello, I join the discussion because we may also need them. Generally speaking the field that I am aware are:
    Catalog editor
    Catalog title
    Catalog date
    Catalog publisher
    Catalog location
    Exhibition dates (span from-to)
    Exhibition location (museum..)
    Exhibition curator(s)

    Of course the CSL need to be aware of the right fields.

    As a side note, Catalogue Sheets (the description of single items) may be also really useful.
    Thank you!
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