Cannot remove bibliography entries in MS Word

I am trying to remove a few bibliography entries (that are uncited in the manuscript) from my Microsoft Word document but the entries keep reappearing.

Here are my steps to reproduce:
1. My Word document has 161 bibliography entries that I manage through the Zotero Word plugin. I am using Microsoft Word for Mac v16.27.
2. I click the Add/Edit Bibliography button in the Zotero ribbon in Word, which brings up an Edit Bibliography window from the Zotero Mac app.
3. I remove an entry from the right panel titled "References in Bibliography" using the left pointing arrow.
4. I click OK.
5. I verify that the entry is indeed gone in my Word document. E.g. I remove entry 65, and the biblio now shows entry 64 followed by entry 66.
6. At this point I wish to renumber my bibliography so they are sequential. Thus I hit the Refresh button.
7. The Refresh button seems to undo Steps 3-5 by replacing my removed entry.

  • Could you submit a Report ID?
  • Actually, you don't need to. The fix for this is available in the Zotero Beta and will be included in the next release version. If you do not want to install the Zotero Beta and cannot wait until the next release you will need to remove the bibliography from the document completely and reinsert it (note that this will remove any other modifications you have done to the bibliography, so it might not be desirable).
  • @gunkadoodah: The fix is available in Zotero 5.0.72, available now via Help → Check for Updates.
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