Zotero won't open/run

This discussion was created from comments split from: Can't install Zotero in Windows 10.
  • I am new Zotero user and encountered the same problem. Zotero downloads and seems to install, but it won't open/run. Is there a specific Windows set up needed for Zotero?
  • No, certainly not.

    What's happening, exactly?
  • here is not a Zotero icon on the Desktop or Taskbar, and I can't find an executable file on the computer, even though there is a Zotero program folder.
  • Try uninstalling and reinstalling Zotero. If I recall, the installer creates a desktop icon by default, unless you tell it not to.

    In the Program Files folder, do you see zotero.exe? Can you double-click it to open Zotero?
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