zotero executable doesn't handle URL parameter as documented

The zotero executable shipped with Zotero 5.0.71, provides the following help:

Usage: /usr/lib/zotero/zotero-bin [ options ... ] [URL]

However, adding an URL to the command line as documented (zotero zotero://select/items/...) won't work unless using an undocumented -url or --url parameter (zotero --url zotero://select/items/...)
  • The help for zotero-bin is just a fluke due to the binary being built from Firefox — it's not part of Zotero.
  • Thanks for your feedback. Does it mean there's no way to have the help fixed ?
  • Not that's worth it. On Linux that's literally just an unmodified Firefox binary.

    We'll be switching to Electron at some point, at which point we'll have full control over the binary.
  • Understood. Thanks !
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