"View and annotate the snapshot for this item" - what does this mean exactly?

edited July 18, 2019
If I click to expand a bookmark to show the corresponding snapshot of that bookmark, when I hover my mouse cursor over the "View Snapshot" option (right under "View Online") I see the text "View and annotate the snapshot for this item". What does this mean? I know that Zotero used to support a highlighting/annotating feature and then abandoned it, but is this message really just a leftover message from a feature that existed years ago? Or is there something more to it?

What I'm most curious about is whether Zotero - either directly in Zotero or through the use of some sort of third party tool or plugin - supports the ability to:

1. Annotate/highlight snapshots of web pages (either with standard markdown editing or with some other tool like hypothes.is).

2. View a web page snapshot directly in the Zotero desktop app, without having to access the internet (since the snapshot seems to be stored locally offline).
  • The answer to both questions is no-ish.
    1. Zotero doesn't support annotations on webpage. You can annotate snapshots with Hypothesis, but in most cases those annotations won't sync between different computers because the links to the snapshot change (the exception is if there are other anchors such as a citation_doi or a rel="canonical" metatag that Hypothesis uses for mapping annotations.

    2. The Zotero app doesn't open any files for display, but you _can_ open snapshots in any browser in offline mode, so there is no need for internet access to view them.
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    A consistent base url for local files, through flask or similar, would allow seamless use of hypothes.is on group items.
    HTML viewing/annotations have the advantage of linkouts and ecosystem continuity with the zotero plugin.
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