Copy-paste troubles in Google Docs - Zotero fields cannot be inserted here

Sometimes, when I copy and paste a section that contains a citation within a Google Document, it starts giving me the "Zotero fields cannot be inserted here" error, when I try to insert the next citation (normal citation, normal text). Reloading and restarting Zotero doesn't fix it.

I use Google Chrome and have only Zotero extension enabled (not even offline Google Docs, for worries it may mess with Zotero).

Workaround for this bug:
So far I have fortunately been able to always remember which was the last thing I did. When I delete that copy-pasted citation, it starts working normally again. So I just reinsert that last citation again and then continue my work.
  • If you manage to reliably reproduce the issue please let us know.
  • I have a similar though not identical issue: in my case, copy-pasting passages that include Zotero citations (to move them to other locations in the Doc) removes the fields, so that the citation becomes normal text and is removed from the reference list. I haven't found a workaround, and the issue is occurring consistently (Google Docs in Firefox).

    Furthermore, I sometimes cannot change citations - they are still recognized as Zotero fields, but when I want to edit them, I receive the "Zotero fields cannot be inserted here" error. Not sure what the conditions are under which this happens.
  • @ZielonyGrzyb: Are you saying that happens every time you copy sections? Can you provide a Debug ID from the Zotero Connector for doing that, as well as a Report ID from Zotero?

    Also, does that happen in every document or just a specific document?
  • An addition to my error and the workaround: just deleting ANY one citation fixes it, and I can start inserting citations normally again. Very interesting. Hope this is helpful for others who experience the same bug.
  • @kjell.kuehne It is likely that just placing the cursor in a citation and then out of it is enough.

    @ZielonyGrzyb Do you have the Zotero Connector installed on the computer that you do copy-pasting? Copying and pasting between google docs will not retain citations if you do not have the connector. If you do, can you reliably reproduce this every time?
  • I wasn't able to replicate the error recently (neither in the document in which it originally occurred, nor in other documents). So it does not appear consistently, and maybe the recent Zotero update has solved the problem?

    @adomasven I copy and pasted within a Google doc, not between different documents. But yes, I do have the Zotero Connector for Firefox installed.

    Suddenly, though, I seem to be experiencing the problem described by @kjell.kuehne more frequently. Deleting the citation works (but is annoying); placing the cursor elsewhere doesn't. Usually, the problem appears after opening a Google doc, when I first try to edit an existing citation.
  • @ZielonyGrzyb can you reproduce it every time or at least every other time in your existent document?
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