Feature request: LiquidText integration

Hello ZoteroTeam,

there are great new tools to read, annotate and summarize PDF articles (similar to those available in Citavi) both on mobile devices and desktop:

- LiquidText: https://www.liquidtext.net
- MarginNote: https://www.marginnote.com

These programs allow to export the annotated articles as PDF. However, it is a very tedious procedure to replace the original PDF file in the literature library with the annotated version. It would be much nicer if they could sync/the original could be replaced by the annotated file seamlessly.
The only downside is that once a PDF has been exported LiquidText annotations can not be edited anymore. Only the original LiquidText file is yet editable in the program. Thus, it would be even better if the LiquidText file could be stored next to the annotated PDF file too. This would allow to continue editing, for example when re-reading a paper.

The MindMaps available to Docear users also sound helpful/useful for creating literature reviews (see feature comparison here: http://www.docear.org).

Many thanks for conisdering an integration into a future version of Zotero!

  • Can I upvote this request... I love both LiquidText and Zotero. Combining them would be so great!
  • I'd like to add my vote for this feature too! It would be incredibly useful for reading papers and somehow getting my notes back into Zotero.
  • upvoting for liquidtext!
    especially because when you work with iPad+Mac you have iCloud which mean i can work and update PDFs simultaneously from both machines, but Zotero copy the PDFs to the software local folder which makes a problem.
  • Upvote for MarginNote 3!
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