No internet connection error message- Syncing Problem

My Zotero application and online library are no longer syncing information. Also, my Zotero app is no longer syncing period. Every time I try restart my syncing with re-entering my username and password, I receive an error message saying :

Error connecting to server. Check your internet connection.

However, my internet connection is great and running smoothly. I looked online for answers on how to solve this problem, but all suggestions honestly confused me.

Any suggestions or insight to my problem is GREATLY appreciated! I am using Google Chrome for my Zotero if that helps.
  • See Connection Error. (If Zotero isn't connecting to anything, you should see an error icon with a link to that page at startup.)
  • Thanks dstillman. I've looked at this page before and these are the instructions that confused me. I am not at all literate in what or how to use "proxys" and I am using Google Chrome not Firefox so I did not find the page very helpful. If there is a better explanation on how to resolve this problem, I would greatly appreciate any insight that's ASIDE from what is on that "Connection Error" page because it has not helped me. I have been unable to sync since May 29, 2019.

    If there is a help/support Zotero team I can talk to or additional advice would greatly appreciate it! Thanks
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    These forums are where you get Zotero support, but this is a problem outside Zotero and is inherently technical, so we can't do much to help here other than link to the standard troubleshooting instructions. The fix here will depend entirely on your computer and network setup, and the linked page explains the various possibilities.

    If you're on an institutional network, you should show that page to your IT department or helpdesk, as they would have the necessary information to fix it.

    If you're not on an institutional network, there's a good chance that security software is interfering, but that's also not something we'd be able to help with. In any case, you should check your system proxy settings to see what they say.

    Note that your using Chrome is irrelevant — the Firefox part is simply referring to the Firefox proxy setting documentation, which is also applicable to Zotero if you need to override the system proxy settings.
  • Is this at home or at work? It would be unusual to have any setup that prevents syncing in this way unless you or someone in charge of your computer set it up.

    Also, which operating system?
  • Hey! Did you get this solved? I have the same problem.
    I have a Mac and use Avast security.
    Not sure if that's relevant.
    Any help would be gratefully received.
  • @rebeccamckevitt: See Connection Error. If you're still having trouble, please start a new thread.
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