Error Report:

Hello, my report is numbered 2015288389

I'm running into an issue where I've uploaded a large number of various pdfs and run into an issue where the syncing indicator displays a small red badge saying the following:

"JSON Error: Syntax error, malformed JSON"

I am not quite sure how to reproduce this issue, as it now displays constantly after the last few uploads I've made, and won't go away.
  • Can you provide a Debug ID (different from a Report ID) for a sync attempt that produces the JSON error?
  • Hi there!

    I performed the required debug tasks and the number ID is this: D1612049447
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    If you've dragged images into notes, you'll need to remove those before syncing. Images in notes aren't currently supported, and while that should result in a better error, in some cases large images can break the sync without the more helpful error appearing.

    We'll try to fix the error message, but for now you should be able to search for 'data:image' in the search bar in Everything mode to find notes with embedded images and then remove the images or delete the notes and empty the trash. You can then add the images back as attachments.

    We're hoping to support images in notes properly in a future version.
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    @urcades: Oh, actually, disregard that — in your case I don't think it's an embedded image (though that can result in the same error). Let me look at this a bit more.
  • @urcades: If you could trigger this again now and post here when you do, that'd be helpful. No need for another Debug ID.
  • Also, are you connecting via a proxy server or directly?
  • @urcades: If you were still having trouble, try again now.
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