"Related items" does not copy in groups

I prepare my bibliography on Standalone and then copy everything in a group. During updates, I erase the data of the group and redo a copy.
But I just realized that the "related" did not follow !!!!! It is however a great interest of Zotero !!!! I did a lot of tests (exporting in RDF Zotero, to import then ...) but nothing helps, the related ones are not recopied. The only solution would be to redo all connections in the group (but I lose the interest of the system).
My Zotero Standalone is up to date (5.0.70) and after much research, no adequate answers.
Thank you for your help
  • This has never been supported — people often aren't copying both items in a related-items pair, so it often doesn't apply — but we'll look into supporting it. Issue created.
  • I STRONGLY support this feature. The reason to use Zotero for my project is because of the Related feature.

    In fact, I can't remember how I can get an output that looks similar to this. I'm doing custom tagging. I remember that I had to do a little editing for spacing, but I can't find a bibliography format that allows for ALL fields.

    • Mutual fund fact book.
    Type Book
    Author Investment Company Institute (U.S.)
    URL http://books.google.com/books?id=yTQWAQAAMAAJ

    Place Washington, D.C.
    Publisher Investment Co. Institute
    Date 1966
    Extra OCLC: 47792947
    Accessed 6/10/2019, 6:15:13 PM
    • Tags:
    o -Status: Orginal
    o .Source: Strauss (1988)
    o 2019 Investment Company Fact Book

    Thank you for your assistance.

  • Sorry, I figured out it was done by Reports, only available on the Computer Client

    But still would like to see the Related function in the Web program, especially for the Groups.
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