Word processor button to insert currently selected item in Zotero

This discussion was created from comments split from: Shortcut to editing entries in Zotero?.
  • A button to insert a citation to the items that are currently selected in Zotero would also be nice.
  • I actually wonder if that'd be a suitable replacement for the classic citation dialog. We've been planning to integrate the some sort of collection browser in the Quick Format dialog, but that's sort of redundant if you can just switch to Zotero and use the main interface there.

    The main argument against it is that people are bad at switching between programs.

    In any case, we haven't really considered useful things we might do with the extra space in the Zotero tab, and this certainly seems like another good option.
  • I think such a button would be great. It should follow the behavior of the Add/Edit Citation button and add the selected items to the existing citation if the cursor is in a Zotero field.

    I can still see value in there being a Browse button in the Quick Citation search bar and in the Zotero tab that would pop up this Insert Selected Items button that floats over the Zotero client window. The user can browse and select items in the client, then click the button to run this function and insert them. The Select Range button in the Excel graph functions is a good comparison.

    This would help with the difficulty switching programs that some users have, and it would also be useful to switch from searching in the Quick Citation window to browsing. It still seems like it would be easier to implement as it can still leverage not having to build a new browser window.
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