Word closes unexpectedly after trying to create a citation

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  • Hi
    I have the same problem but I'm using a lenovo. I uninstalled and installed again the program and it keeps happening: everything closes unexpectedly after trying to create a citation for an article.
    What ca I do??
  • When you say “create a citation”, do you mean inserting a citation into Word, or something else?

    What versions of Word, Zotero, and Windows are you using?
  • yes, that's what I mean: the program closes after I clicked on "Citation" or "bibliography as output mode within "Create bibliography for item". I tried to copy the citation or bibliography into clipboard. The program closed and nothing was copied into the clipboard.
    I'm on word 2013, zotero 5.0.69 and windows 10
    I also have had troubles trying to add documents to zotero online while using the chrome plug-in
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    So this doesn't have anything to do with Word, then? As in, you're seeing Zotero close unexpectedly while just using the "Create Bibliography from Item(s)" option? How many items are you selecting?
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