New pdf files in my computer

After I finished create my library , How can I update automatic if there new pdf files in my hole partition like (D) , and add it to my library as link files location in the same folder in partition without copy it to Zotero storage folder
  • It’s not possible for Zotero to “watch” a folder and add items to the library when new files are added there, but that’s also not a very good way to add items to your library.

    Instead, I recommend you save items using the Save to Zotero button in your browser. This will save the PDF and get better item data than is possible by dragging a PDF file in. If you want to use linked files, rather than letting Zotero manage your files, you can use the Zotfile plugin to automatically move PDFs to a specific folder when you save an item using the Save to Zotero button.
  • Thank's for help, but I had order my library manually in folders and sub folders, I did that while (Many years), Is there a way to convert this order to zotero?
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