et al. after first citation in text.


how is it possible that Zotero no longer lists all authors after the second time, but automatically recognizes that only et al. is needed.

  • It should do that automatically in APA style, if that's what you're using?
  • how can i change the setting of APA to et al for 3 or more authors
  • Zotero correctly follows APA rules for et al—after six authors the first time an author is cited and after 3 authors for subsequent times the item is cited.

    If you want to always use et al after 3 authors, even the first time, use this version:

    (But note that this is not official APA style.)
  • Ok, thanks, but zotero unfortunetely doesn´t do this. Maybe because I use Pages and you can´t connect zotero with pages like you can do it with word maybe?

    thank you bwiernik, I want to use et al after 2 authors, like I've found it as a guideline on most pages. :)
  • Yeah, sorry, you can't do this with Pages. Obviously Zotero has no way to tell which citations are first and which aren't if they're not linked.

    (I think you're just talking about the numbers differently than bwiernik though. The style he links to has the standard format for subsequent et al citations, i.e. after three or more authors)
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