How to import large number of citations from Pubmed

Hi, I'm having trouble in importing citations from Pubmed. Specifically, I'm trying to import 200 citation in one time. The problem is that only a single snapshot file is imported. The only way to import each single citation is to select a maximum of 20 per time. Is there a way to fix it? I have to import almost 5000 for a review. Thanks!
  • In Pubmed select "Send to" (at the top right-ish) then --> File --> XML
    Download the file and remember where you downloaded the file to.
    In Zotero, go
    File --> Import and select the exported file.
    Importing 5000 items at once is going to be a bit taxing on your computer's memory, so I'd recommend shutting down other apps while you do this. Also, this may take a good while, easily 30mins, so I'd recommend having something else to do at hand.
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