automated update of library entries

Often I'll add a reference to my zotero library using the web importer when an article is first published online, at this point most articles do not have the standard print info (volume, page numebr, etc). In a few months the paper will be included in the print journal and assign a volume etc. I find my library file does not update with the new info, and I can't see a way to do it myself apart from creating a new library entry.

Is there a feature in zotero I've missed for updating existing entries using the doi or similar?
  • For now, you can just enter the DOI into Add Item by Identifier, select both items, and merge them.

    Some way to update existing items is planned, but we'd like to meaningfully improve on the above workflow before launching it.
  • One meaningful update would be to add DOI or PubMed manually, and then right click to update the reference.
  • Yes, that would be a feature which would be highly welcome (e.g. to update publication year, volume, issue and page numbers). Both Mendeley and Endnote have that possibility (and no, I'm not going to switch to either of them).
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