Group items not showing up in My Library

This discussion was created from comments split from: Moving items from my library to a group library.
  • I'm having a reverse issue. I successfully added resources to a group library but they aren't showing up in MY library...shouldn't they show up in both or am I not understanding the process correctly? I am a new user.
  • No, that's a misunderstanding. Libraries are separate. You can transfer items between libraries, but that doesn't happen automatically.
  • If the group gets deleted will I lose all the items I put in there? I feel like I have to do double put items in both MY library and Group library....would have assumed it was automatic. Thank you.
  • If the group gets deleted, all items in the group will be deleted, yes.

    It wouldn't make sense for the group to just mirror your personal library, or vice versa. The point of a group library is that it's for a different set of users from your personal library, so there's no reason to think that the same items should be appear in both places.

    You can drag items in between libraries to copy them. To transfer changed items, you currently need to delete the items in the target library, empty the trash, and drag them again. Better ways to apply changes to items across libraries are planned.
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