APA formatting problems

I'm using APA style and sometimes the in text citations are not correct, when I check the information entered in Zotero, it all seems to be fine. This is what I'm getting:

(Z. Moore, 2010) as opposed to (Moore, 2010)

I'm also having trouble with some of the citations when I use them twice. The first one should be like (Moore, Cooper, and Zen, 2012), when I use it again, it should be (Moore et al., 2012), but for some reason the whole citation is coming up again. And the same is happening the other way, when I have only used a citation once it already reads (Moore et al., 2012) and doesn't give me all the names.

Also for some reason, some of the in text citations are coming out formatted, bolded and italicized, not sure why.

Could anyone provide some guidance on this?


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