Reviewed editor for book reviews

Is it possible to enter editor names for reviewed books in order to display the appropriate label after the names (ed.)?
  • No, sorry. I'm somewhat doubtful this is common enough for us to add within the current data model. If Zotero ever gets linked item types (like "is review of" or "is chapter in" etc.) it'd be easy to add, but without it probably not.
  • @adamsmith One option I proposed recently was to add “reviewed-“ and “original-“ versions of all variables.
  • yeah, but even if we accept the proliferation of variables which may cause other issues, the problem is still that this doesn't really work/help for GUI applications like Zotero . The current Extra syntax helps as a workaround, but it's not really something we'll want to keep around longer than necessary I imagine.
  • Perhaps there is a better venue to discuss this, but I'd imagine proper support for reviews and republished items would require buttons to "Add Reviewed Item" and "Add Original Publication", to display the full set of relevant fields.
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